Geology Rock Pick Hammers

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Solid steel geology rock hammers made in the USA by Vaughan. Kooter has been using a Vaughan hammer in the field for over 20 years, and it is the only brand we sell. See the rock hammer tips if you need help choosing

AP22L rock hammer
Clearance! Vaughan AP22L Long handle rock hammer
Same 22 ounce head as our other rock picks, but with a longer length handle. Some taller people prefer the longer handle, and others appreciate the extra reach. A very well balanced hammer. In fact this rock hammer has the best proportion of head weight and handle length that we have seen.
Polished finish
Total length 15.25″ (385 mm)
Head length 7.25″ (185 mm)
Actual weight 34 oz (950g)
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3 available

Geology rock hammer tips

Pick style rock hammers are reasonably light to carry around in the field. They are typically used by geologists to break small chips or samples from a weathered rock outcrop. This exposes a fresh mineral surface to examine with a hand lens or acid test. Generally these small chips have no value other than to verify the identity of the local stratigraphy.
But if you intend to collect large rock samples that you would take out of the field, you would want a much heavier hammer weighing 3 pounds or more. These are variously called “crack hammers” or “drilling hammers”. Suitable small sledge hammers and masonry chisels are commonly available at hardware stores and building supply outlets, so we do not stock them.
The pick end of a prospecting pick is also useful for excavating small samples that are imbedded in soil or weathered rock. The pick tip should never be used for prying in a rock crack, because the specially hardened steel tip is very brittle. It cannot withstand bending, and will quite likely snap off before the rock splits.

For 15 years we have sold only Vaughan rock hammers even though Estwing is a better known and more popular brand. Our opinion is that Vaughan’s quality control standards provide the highest quality rock hammers available. The one-piece forged steel head and handle hammers have a black neoprene molded grip that resists long exposure in sunlight and provides a good grip in wet weather.

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