Brunton Pocket Transit

We are clearing out our Brunton Pocket Transits. We still have a few GeoTransits and Internationals in stock at 2013 pricing. Brunton compasses are the standard for field geologists. See the pocket transit selection tips below if you need help choosing.

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Brunton Geo Transit
The Geo Transit uses a European method of measuring geological strike and dip simultaneously. Hinge inclinometer measures dip, while needle locking mechanism holds strike for easy reading. Greatly speeds up structural geology field mapping. Body is precision machined aluminium, with anodized finish.
Please view this map if using outside the USA.
Weight about 10.4 ounces (295g)
Lifetime warranty from Brunton
Brunton model 5009 for quads dial
Brunton model 5010 for degrees dial
Supplied with standard Brunton leather case

Brunton Geo Transit: Clearance Sale at last year’s price!
The 2013 price is too low to advertise in 2014
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Brunton Waterproof International LM aluminum pocket transitThis “International”* Brunton LM pocket transit is the most popular aluminum body version because it is waterproof and dustproof. It has the traditional machined aluminum compass body finished in a durable textured light grey enamel. Brass hinges and pivots are attached to the pocket transit by screws. Weight is about 6.7 ounces. (190g)One year warranty from BruntonBrunton model 5005LM for Quads dialBrunton model 5006LM for Degrees dialSupplied with standard Brunton leather case* Note: “International” is the model name for the waterproof aluminum transit. Do not confuse with the “Conventional” model which is similar only in appearance and function. As with all Brunton pocket transit, if you are working near or below the equator, the International will need to be a specially balanced instrument. Please view this map if using outside the USA.

Brunton International LM: Clearance Sale at last year’s price!
The 2013 price is too low to advertise in 2014
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Tips: All of the Brunton pocket transits we stock feature waterproof/dustproof body construction, needle lift mechanism,inclinometer, magnetic damping, gear driven declination adjustment, and needle balanced for use in the Northern Hemisphere.

Professionals: The GeoTransit can be a real time saver if you are doing many strike and dip measurements. We have been using one in the field for several years. The larger body takes a little getting used to after having used the traditional pocket transit for many years, but the learning curve is not steep.

Students: We stock Brunton compasses in both “degree” (also known as “azimuth”) and “quad” models. Geology students should ask your professor which system they recommend. The dial can be changed out later if required, at a cost of about $60.00. Information about the differences between degrees and quads compasses is at our page: Kooter Sez Brunton Compass

Outside the USA: We only stock the standard USA needle balance. If you will be using a Brunton transit near the equator, Brunton recommends that the needle be specially balanced at the factory for best performance at your exact location. If you are below the equator, special balancing is definitely required.

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